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I'm moving...

Look at how many people Texas is going to execute this year:


I'm moving! I'm tired of NY!

Next to die in Texas: Robert Salazar.

Here is some information about the latest person to deserve death:

"On 04/23/97, in Lubbock, Texas, Salazar fatally injured a 2-year old Hispanic female. The subject was babysitting the victim. Salazar inflicted wounds consisting of a fractured skull, bruised heart, fractured ribs, and ruptured intestines. After injuring the victim, Salazar placed her in her crib and left the residence. The victim's mother arrived from work, finding the victim in her crib, and Salazar was absent. The victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital."

Gee, what exactly did that 2 year old do to deserve a death like that, may I ask?
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